Wandering Mind

This is a pretty accurate representation of my scattered thoughts and ever-wandering mind, combined with my incessant doodling. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve changed my mind about three or four times about my blog. I will readily admit that I’m indecisive – I can’t even decide what to have each night for dinner – but I am certainly not short on ideas. There are so many things I want to do and try that I can’t bring myself to focus on just one. Plus, I’m more of the tasting menu, small plate-type anyways…I like a bit of everything and have trouble limiting myself. My to-do list for my blog (and life in general) includes, but is not limited to: exploring Los Angeles and my interests in fashion and design, volunteering locally and abroad, learning to cook, and trying to bring a little light into people’s days at the same time. Hopefully I’ll find some middle ground between all of these things and even some connection between them.


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  1. This picture reminds me of a “mind map.” Learning how to cook – for me that brought a lot of “doh!” moments. Not that I ever learned how to cook anything but eggs.

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