Life Rolls On

In Long Beach this past weekend, Jason Mraz blew away crowds with his amazing live vocals and his dedication to Jesse Billauer’s charity, Life Rolls On (Life Rolls On). Billauer founded the charity to support people, like himself, who suffer from spinal cord injuries; the concert was held to celebrate Jesse’s birthday and spread the word about his foundation. The mission of Life Rolls On is to improve the quality of life for young people who have been affected by a spinal cord injury and show them that their injuries should not prevent them from doing the things the enjoy. Specifically, Life Rolls On helps former surfers, like Jesse, and people with dreams of surfing to get in the water through their program “They Will Surf Again.”

This Friday Life Rolls On will be holding their first “They Will Skate Again” event at the Venice Skate Park. If you have the time to go check it out I would highly recommend it! I’d also recommend listening to some of Jason Mraz’ live recordings – you may have heard his chart-topping songs “I’m Yours” or “Lucky” but the live versions are much more impressive and representative of Mraz’s abilities as a musician.

(Slideshow from the show – Examiner)


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