Buy a Pair and Give a Pair with Warby Parker

Dear Chanel glasses,

You’ve treated me well over the past five years, but I’m sorry, you’re going to have to go. Your rhinestones are just a little too flashy and your scratches are becoming unbearable. I used to be able to tolerate them but after a run in with a wall in UHall a few weeks back (I wish I were kidding, an imprint of my face is still on the wall) it’s just become too difficult to see. Luckily, I’ve found just the pair to replace you. A new eyewear company named Warby Parker offers prescription frames and lenses for under $100. You might think that at such a price their quality may not be up to par, but the frames are produced on the same lines as expensive designer pairs. On their website, they explain that they manage to keep prices low by creating their own designs, unlike many high-end fashion houses (sorry Karl Lagerfeld) and sell them without using retailers.

Warby Parker even has a “free” pledge – they keep shipping and returns free, and also offer free at home try-ons. You can order up to five pairs of frames to try at a time, decide which pair you like, and send them all back to receive a brand new pair. Even better, the company has a “One for One” concept similar to TOMS Shoes. For every pair purchased, a pair of glasses is donated to a non-profit organization, such as

After launching with features in Vogue, GQ, New York Magazine, and DailyCandy this past month, Warby Parker has encountered an unprecedented demand for at home try-ons. Even though they’re a little behind right now, I know they’ll catch up soon and I’ll have a new pair in hand. In the meantime, I’ll be playing around with the virtual try on feature, which has proved to be slightly more distracting than anything…hopefully they can’t see me.




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