Conversations with Sweet Snifter

Taylor:  Hi Sarah!

This is kind of strange…I feel like I’m talking to myself more than to you. Oh well. Anyways, I figured I’d start off our “virtual dialogue” by sort of comparing and contrasting our blogs. Obviously, they’re representative of things that our generation’s interested in – drinking, bars, trends, fashion. After looking at your blog, I realized that the majority of the bars and restaurants you’ve covered are in Venice, specifically on Abbot Kinney. I, too, love that area – it’s probably one of my favorite places in LA – but I thought it was interesting that you don’t really touch on the bars and clubs that LMU students seem to frequent. I know I’m generalizing, but I feel like at some point everyone goes on a bus party to some club in the area (before they realize that they really aren’t that great) or takes a trip to Sharkeez (either 21 or not, before they get over the novelty of the jello syringes). Clearly, I’m not too enthusiastic about the typical LMU bar scene and would prefer to go down to Venice, but I was wondering if you felt the same way.

Did you consciously decide not to include these places, the kind of places you’d get a “Facebook Invite” to? Or are your interests just based elsewhere? Now that I think about it, my blog is absent of LMU-related things also. I’m not sure that LMU has any kind of distinct fashion presence though, like a club or organization. I guess I should look into that…


Hi Tay 🙂

I agree, both of our blog themes do perfectly touch upon some trends that our generation has become a part of. The bar scene is a big one at LMU, especially with the lack of greek houses. I suppose I never noticed that I didn’t include the standard LMU go-to’s in my blog until you mentioned it. Of course I too have had my moments with the infamous jello syringes at Sharkeez and bus parties to Hollywood, but my interest in that scene faded pretty quickly. Those bars seem to cater perfectly to the LMU crowd, but what i am trying to show in my blog are unique bars with great drinks and food, a cool setting, etc etc. And as for Venice… I’m not intentionally trying to focus on just that city, but there is just something about it! It’s so funky and eclectic.I can’t help but want to rep it on my blog- especially when I am there so often.  I noticed your pictures of Venice in the entry about the “One Day Without Shoes” walk. On that note, Venice is definitely a place with a distinct style of fashion. I like to call them “Loaded Hobos”- People who dress like eco-loving bums but roll up in their gas guzzling Range Rovers. I’m sure you’ve noticed this fashion trend- Venice is not the only area to fall victim to it. The beanies, long dragging sweaters, dirty jeans with holes, oversized tees, messy hair. I will admit, sometimes I look a little bit like a homeless person myself, (haha). But all in the name of comfort. There are quite a few of these types at LMU. You should do some style interviews about all the different types of LMU fashions!


I completely agree about the LMU bar scene. It seems to be something that everyone experiences at some point and either grows out of it or just sticks to because it’s convenient. I’ve definitely seen the people you described in Venice – I’ve frequently seen them at Gjelina! They’re dressed like they wouldn’t be able to afford lunch but at the same time are ordering bottles of wine with their multi-course meals. This look has really become popular in California, with the influence of the laid back/beachy lifestyle. One of my favorite fashion bloggers that I’ve mentioned in class is The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman. I was looking through his old posts recently and came across this – – which seems to be just what you’re describing!

This man works for Ralph Lauren but looks like he could use probably use a shower. I’ve considered starting a fashion blog of my own, but am not really sure what direction I’d like to take it. I regret not starting a blog while I was working at Seventeen because I would have had much more to write about. Speaking of jobs, have you ever considered writing reviews? Particularly, reviews for bars and restaurants. You have a knack for describing places in your blog in a way that makes them intriguing – plus it’s a subject matter you’re interested in.

I am so happy you have been to Gjelina! Have you tried the gruyere pizza yet? Or the mushroom toast? Gahhh so good.  I read Scott Schuman’s blog article- so funny how he mentions the man’s apparel initally appears to be “just thrown together” But with closer examination one can see that the outfit was too perfect & he had “style in his bones.” I love it. And yes, that is exactly what I am talking about. As for my own blog, I have thoroughly enjoyed making a point to go to different bars and give them a mental review. When I moved to LA I started going out to eat with some friends at all these great restaurants- some amazing food, amazing atmosphere, drinks, some just bleh. And I did actually think it would be interesting to somehow keep track of them all- of my experiences or thoughts. But I never got around to it. Writing reviews would be an amazing job. Of course, I would have to have a reliable enough pallette to make my judgements. That is the thing about reviews- Who is to judge? What makes the reviewer capable of making such reviews/judgements/statements? I’m sure it must be the same in the fashion industry.

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