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Earlier this week I attended a speech at LMU given by Robert McChesney and John Nichols, the authors of a new book “The Death and Life of American Journalism: The Media Revolution That Will Begin the World Again.” I think that I was more struck by what they had to say about current media in general, and the relationship between society and media, instead of their plan to revolutionize journalism. Then men began by talking about the major focus of media today, specifically television – first, it covers the weather, then crime, and finishes by giving advice how on to lose weight since you’ve been sitting on the couch watching TV.

When one of the men said, “we are ignorant of a world we occupy and invade,” I immediately thought of my own blog. I’ve been meaning to write a little explanation of the whole “Share Some Light” concept, and this quote described very well what I’ve found in my experience with fashion. I had my first internship the summer after freshman year working in marketing for Hurley. I never really put much thought to what I was doing – constantly organizing the “fashion closet,” sending out samples to various PR firms, making Power Points that were never used. I really didn’t think about it until this past summer I worked for a PR firm near school. One day I was taking photos at Sunset Plaza for an upcoming newsletter, having a woman at a boutique constantly repeat that the sunglasses I was photographing were made of white gold encrusted with diamonds. The next day I was in the audience of Locke High School’s first graduation, a school that had previously only sent 5% of its graduates on to universities. I couldn’t help but consider the insignificance of the sunglasses and the shopping center I had seen the day before.

I think it was at this time that I realized that if I still wanted to work in fashion I would have to try and find my niche. Since then, I’ve done hours of research trying to find companies that aren’t “ignorant of a world” that they occupy and invade, such as TOMS and Warby Parker. Of course, people are going to continue to sit on the couch, watching the weather on TV without actually stepping outside to see it, or anything else going on around them. With Share Some Light, I’ve been trying to highlight companies that are fashion-based but have a social conscious. In the process, I’m hoping someone else will take interest in them also.


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