I’ll admit it, I’m a GLEEK – a Geek for “Glee”

I’ve never been a big fan of watching TV. I went through a phase of watching “Gossip Girl,” but only because I had read the series throughout middle school and high school. I’ll occasionally turn it on at home while I exercise or if I want background noise while cooking. Otherwise, I’ve always been more likely to pick up a book or magazine, or browse the Internet looking at Style.com or cooking blogs for new cookie recipes. Yet, my TV watching habits changed this fall while I was in New York. I couldn’t help but be intrigued by what I had heard about the new series “Glee.” My boss was a huge fan, and so were the friends that I worked with. Even the male stylist who worked on photo shoots out of the city would come into the office raving about it, and offering the newest gossip about the actor who plays the male teacher and leader of Glee club, and his relationship with Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend. The office was constantly buzzing with Glee, so I decided to check it out and buy an episode from iTunes. I wasn’t disappointed.

The show includes just about every high school clique and cliché. The award-winning cheer squad, the “Cheerios” skip around campus in their short-skirted uniforms, hanging on their football-playing boyfriends. Their coast, Sue Sylvester is blunt, sarcastic, and takes no prisoners. She encourages her squad to stay fit, and thin, and doesn’t accept anything but perfection. When she finds out that Will Schuester is going to be creating a new Glee club on campus, she determines to bring the club down – she doesn’t just want the club removed, but wants them to go down in flames.

I don’t want to reveal too much of the plot, but watching an episode of Glee will certainly inspire you to learn to sing and dance. The musical aspect of the show had me hooked from the start. I took piano lessons growing up, but always refused to sing along when my teachers would ask me to. I was always too embarrassed and knew there would never be any hope for my singing. When watching Glee, I feel extremely envious. Plus, all of the songs are covers of recognizable classics and current songs – there is always a little something for everyone.

The show inspires envy for the characters but also sympathy. The Glee club is a group of high school misfits, including a boy in a wheel chair, a girl with a severe stutter, and a boy who is obviously still in the closet but is more than willing to flaunt his passion for designer clothing. These are just a few of the kids who have had a Slushee thrown in their face by a popular football player.

One of the things I appreciate most about the show is the amount of detail used to perfect each character and their quirks. The outfits of the self-proclaimed “star” of the Glee Club are always borderline geeky, with matching skirt and sweater outfits equipped with argyle knee socks and Mary Janes. The show’s attention to detail is especially apparent in the school counselor, Emma. Emma, like the rest of the characters, has her own personal quirk – she suffers from an extreme case of O.C.D. Everything she touches is sterile, including the grapes that she eats with her lunch, that she cleans off one-by-one before eating.

As a result of being hooked on Glee, I’ve also become a fan of the soundtrack. I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t buy any songs from the soundtrack if I hadn’t seen the show. After you see the episodes and watch the performances of the cover song, it is difficult not to appreciate each performance. So first, I would recommend actually watching an episode of Glee, since I don’t think I can do the show justice without giving away too much of the plot. I’m pretty sure that the most recent episodes are available on Hulu.com. Next, if you’re a fan of the show, I would suggest checking out the soundtrack on iTunes. From my personal experience, a couple of the songs including “Don’t Stop Believin’” (their performance on Oprah) and “Keep Holding On” are quite motivating while pulling an all-nighter during finals week.


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