The Right to Blog

In my New Media class last semester we had a discussion about the message boards that have become a part of every news website, giving readers the ability to comment on stories in any way that they see fit. Someone in the class wondered aloud about the amount of “stupid people” leaving comments – another classmate responded by saying that the people have always been there, but now that they have the ability to make their voices heard, there seems to be even more of them than before.

The ability to leave an obscene comment on message board doesn’t refer to blogging exactly, but I think that it demonstrates how the internet has created endless outlets that allow people to make their voices heard. Do I think that people should be allowed to write whatever they’d like on a blog or message board? Of course. Can it cause controversy or become annoying? Yes.

Blogging does grant a right to speech that I don’t think should be denied. Yet, there are times when I think the freedom to blog or create a personal website should be limited. This article from Reuters touches on instances of cyber bullying that have lead to deaths – This might be an extreme example of the results of blogging and internet freedom, but I think that it demonstrates that some limitations are necessary.



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3 responses to “The Right to Blog

  1. Thanks for posting that Reuters article. It’s something the whole class should read and certainly will add to today’s discussion. Your discussion of what are the limits of free speech reminds me of the class debate of that topic in Little Brother.

  2. I don’t think any blogs should be limited. Some posts can be unnecessary and annoying, but that’s the beauty of it. Blogs present us with an infinite amount of freedom to say whatever we want, and people’s criticisms shouldn’t stop bloggers from saying what they want to say.

  3. It’s weird that I’m doing exactly what you are touching on in your post, but you’re right. There are some dumb comments that have been left on message boards, and people do have the right to speak freely about anything they see in the news. But do I need to hear their tirades? What people used to spew to their family in the morning before the kids went to school has turned into people sitting at work, commenting about whatever they want. and that was my rant.

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