A Future in Blogging…with Gossip Girl?

A recent posting on Mediabistro’s Media Jobs Daily suggests becoming a blogger as a way to break into the media industry. Specifically, they suggest blogging with television show recaps. Supposedly TV recaps have become quite popular with blogs but, to be honest, I’ve never really noticed them. The post says that blogging about your favorite television show could be a great way to break into the media industry while getting paid to watch a show you’d already be watching anyways.

While I agree that blogging can be a good way to get your foot in the door, I don’t think it’s as simple as Mediabistro makes it out to be. The only example of success in TV-recap blogging that they mention describes a scenario involving a girl who already had a job with the Wall Street Journal, who started writing synopses of Gossip Girl. She wasn’t your average student or college grad with a blog that just happened to gain some recognition. With so many blogs in existence today, I think it would be pretty difficult to make your television recaps, regardless if they are unique and well-written, become a paying job unless you already had some kind of “in”



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3 responses to “A Future in Blogging…with Gossip Girl?

  1. If I understand your point of view, than I too would say that it is very true; that this a very fruitless and vein attempt to cause people to believe that blogging can lead to a career in television or film. Seems like a big fat lie to get the average joe looking for a job off a given media outlet’s back. This is an apparent example of a distinct line between professional and amateur journalism and the value attached to them.

  2. Yeah that would be awesome if it was simple as that, but you’re totally right – you would already need to have some sort of connection to the professional world to really get your blog noticed. I like the encouragement of blogging about stuff that you already care about though, because I think that’s how bloggers really do excel.

  3. I completely agree. I feel that in order to get some sort of recognition in the media industry, you need to be in it. It is very difficult to get any attention while blogging since there are so many out there.

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