iPad Apps and Magazine Dreams

This week MediaJobsDaily featured a posting about the importance of digital knowledge for job seekers. The post specifically focuses on development within the Hearst Corporation with regard to college recruiting and qualities that they are looking for in potential employees. Scherri Roberts, the head of HR at Hearst, said that their employees working in print have too much on their plates since they have been responsible for both print work and material that appears on iPad apps and websites. People who have experience in app production are desirable candidates for the company right now. I guess it’s a good sign for our generation of “digital immigrants” who may be interested in both the print world and the digital world. Roberts doesn’t say that employees in print are being replaced, but says that people with more digital experience are supplementing them.

The article also included a video featuring Esquire’s iPad app (the website won’t let me embed it here). I think that the video is quite appropriate considering our recent class interaction with the iPad, and also my most recent blog post below. Personally, I love taking trips to Barnes and Noble to buy books and magazines, and don’t think that the iPad will ever be able to evoke the same feeling of having a book or glossy magazine in your hand. Yet, I have to admit that the iPad is a great tool, and I wouldn’t mind owning one for travel purposes. I’m impressed by the image quality and features of the Esquire app, as demonstrated in this video, but don’t think I’ll ever chose to read a magazine on a screen. That is, if I eventually will still have the choice.



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2 responses to “iPad Apps and Magazine Dreams

  1. I totally agree with your last few points and feel that, if people can accept and maintain that ideology, the world will be better off. Having one device replace multiple and necessary physical experiences can take us away from those aspects of life that we share in common with humans throughout the centuries. Dependency causes anxiety when a lack is present. So, what happens when the iPad battery is dead, the charger is misplaced, and all we are left with is a light and paper?

  2. That need for digital skills is why LMU is offering and you’re taking new media courses. I’d like any video where Javier Bardem walks up and welcomes me in! It’s funny: The New Yorker iPad app guide stars Jason Schwartzmann.

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