Group Blog & Blogging for Seventeen

Here is a link to our group blog if anyone wants to check it out: Life Beyond the Bluff – we have some great reviews on shopping, restaurants, and music that are a nice distraction from finals!

Also…I recently blogged for Seventeen Magazine! I was an intern for them last fall and was asked to interview an upcoming Los Angeles-based designer, Anh Volcek. Check it out here: L’une Collection Review


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One response to “Group Blog & Blogging for Seventeen

  1. Congrats on the 17 post! I really enjoyed it. I don’t suppose you got paid? I’m so happy some of my students are already getting work. My only critique would be it needs a punchier lead, something that captures the flavor of the piece, or of her pieces — maybe the dress named after Ms. Great Legs. Nice job on the group blog — I’ll be grading that soon. You were wonderfully poised in the in-class presentation.

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