Media Bistro: A Week in Review

“She’s interested and she’s interesting,” is how  Elle’s editor-in-chief Robbie Myers describes the ideal candidate for a job with the magazine. Throughout her interview posted on Mediabistro’s Fishbowl NY Blog, Myers reiterates that Elle is fashion-based but looks beyond clothing, valuing people who are interested in educating themselves and expanding their horizons.

It was comforting to hear Myers say that an ideal candidate would also know how to be a reporter, not just a writer. Since the majority of my classes this semester are being used to fulfill the Journalism Certificate, I’m glad to know that what I’m learning will possibly be appreciated when I start applying for jobs.

After a week of following Mediabistro, I’m still unsure how I feel about it. My first visit to the site left me feeling overwhelmed by the amount of different blogs and links, but underwhelmed by their content. I think I’m not familiar enough with the website and it’s many blogs yet to be able to make a fair judgment about it. I was definitely disappointed that registration and payment are required to access some of the full articles that are linked to from other websites.

Aside from the job listings, I think that the “How to Pitch” section is one of the most useful that I’ve found on the site so far – aside from the fact that the Marie Claire outline is the online one that you can view in full without having to pay a fee.



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3 responses to “Media Bistro: A Week in Review

  1. I find it very reassuring to know that companies, especially one such as Elle magazine, actually looks beyond looks and sense of fashion for a job position. I think it says a lot that a company so focused on fashion, appearance and material goods emphasizes well-rounded people who actually have an interest in their job and their life paths. I also appreciate this because I am also in pursuit of fulfilling the pre-journalism certificate so knowing that what we are learning will become useful after college when it comes time to finding a serious job and lifetime career. I hope you become more familiar with Media Bistro and adapt to navigating the site- good luck!

  2. It was very interesting that a magazine such as Elle would want to have good reporters rather than good writers. That kind of shows that being enthusiastic and knowing how to report is more important than being able to write well. Maybe that is where the future of some magazines are headed.

  3. I thought her interview was really helpful and reassuring. I would love to work for a magazine like Elle as I know tons of other girls would, but it was great to hear that they are looking for reporters, since that’s what we’re learning how to do in our journalism classes. I also liked that enthusiasm and passion are huge factors in hiring someone for Elle magazine. Thanks for this article!
    P.s. I like how you format your blogs it looks clean and professional.

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